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Each quarter, the NEHTN sponsors a workshop. These workshops are hosted by member horticultural therapy programs or other locations of interest to our members, such as Extension Centers, botanical gardens, parks, garden centers and more.

The workshops are great opportunities for networking with horticultural therapists and visiting various sites with HT programs. Most workshops include an HT activity and a tour of the host site. Lunch is provided. A business meeting follows the workshop. The workshops and business meetings are open to all. If you have an interest in horticultural therapy, we invite you to attend one of our workshops.

Please mail in your Registration Form in advance to guarantee a meal and HT activity supplies.

Workshop Registration Form (PDF) Register Online


Hosting a Workshop – How To

Hosting a Workshop

The following information is provided to assist workshop hosts with planning and hosting a workshop.

Who can host a workshop?  Anyone (member/non-member) with a site providing horticultural interest to NEHTN members may host.  This includes, but is not limited to: HT programs, botanical gardens, arboretums, nature preserves, members’ homes-must include nearby area of interest for touring.

How often are workshops scheduled?  Generally, four times per year (3-4 months) on either Saturday or Sunday.

What are the site requirements?

  • Area for conducting HT activity
  • Area for business meeting
  • Lunch area

These may be one and the same.

How many people attend?  Attendance has ranged from eight to nineteen with an average of ten.

Who may attend?  All are welcome including HT program clients (for a nominal fee of $10)

What is the workshop format?  The following are included in the agenda, but not listed in order of event:

  • Tour of facility
  • Lunch*
  • HT activity
  • Business meeting

*The President will assist the host in determining the logistics of the lunch.  The following options are available:

  • Provided by host site at no charge
  • Prepared by host site for a fee
  • Purchased from local vendor – sandwiches preferred. Prior to the workshop, if available, the menu is e-mailed to attendees so they may select their sandwich.

What are the financial responsibilities of the host and NEHTN?  The host facility will be reimbursed $15.00 per attendee.  This is to cover the cost of food, beverages, and the HT activity.  A general breakdown is $10.00 for breakfast & lunch and $5.00 for the HT activity; however, the expenses vary depending on the host site and activity.  A check will be provided from NEHTN to the host on the day of the workshop.  Expenses in excess of $15.00 are the responsibility of the host site. 

The host is exempt from paying the workshop fee as follows:  

  • Individual member – no registration fee for one member
  • Institutional member – no registration fee for three members

Is the host responsible for submitting any reports? The host is required to submit a “Program Spotlight” 2 to 3 months prior to the workshop.  This spotlight shall include:

  • A description of the HT Program/Facility. When touring at a location other than the host site, a write-up of the touring site is required
  • BIO – no more than 80 words
  • An agenda – provided by the President in consultation with the host
  • Contact information
  • Driving directions from points North, South, East and West.

Green Thumb Sale

For workshops please bring new or gently used Horticultural Therapy related items to donate. NEHTN will sell at a low cost to participants of the workshop and monies will go towards our fundraising efforts.  Examples: gloves, plants, tools, books, vases or garden related items.