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Silver Hill Hospital, New Canaan, CT

The March 12th workshop was facilitated by Erin Backus, HTR, at Silver Hill Hospital. After a round table introduction of the 14 attendees, Erin led the group in a therapeutic fern planting activity, focusing on first identifying unique qualities of ferns, followed by each participant identifying a unique quality about themselves and sharing this quality with the group. Participants also ‘named’ their plants and were provided many opportunities for choice making, creativity, sharing materials, and sensory input.  A tour and overview of the facility followed, led by Marketing and Business Development Director Heather Porter.  The business meeting was conducted during lunch.  Our new NEHTN fundraiser, the Activity Guide for Horticultural Therapy, was presented by Chair Gwenn Fried.  The project and easy to use online template was explained and all members were encouraged to submit at least one if not multiple activities. The meeting ended in a Show and Tell, with participants demonstrating their various projects for submission to the Guide.