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Rye, NY Home Horticultural Therapy Program

On March 5th, NEHTN members met for our winter workshop at the home of Valerie Barrett, HTR, in Rye, NY. The workshop commenced with a tour of Valerie’s plant room, used for horticultural therapy programming. If you’ve ever dreamt of a plant room, this would be it! Valerie provided an overview of her experience in establishing Gardenscapes Horticultural Services, Inc. This was especially helpful for three of our newer members who are just beginning their HT careers.

Then it was on to the craft project, dream catchers. We started with a review of the significance of dreamcatchers to the Native American population. We used twine to construct a lattice pattern on hoops made of willow which were then decorated with beads and feathers.

Deirdra Wallin held our interest with a show and tell of her internship project, an insect hotel. She provided an overview of the process and samples she had brought.

Our day concluded with the SWAP.