2017 HT Activity Guide

Thank you for your interest in purchasing our HT Activity Guide. The Guide includes a variety of activities such as: Mason Bee Houses, Hand Cream, Horticulture Pen Pal, Scientists & Explorers, Underwater World and much more!  These activities are suitable for a wide range of populations and  activities and can be adapted to suit your specific population.

The cost of the Guide is $10.00 and will be available for purchase now.

To place an order, click the add to cart button below where you can make a payment by credit card or PayPal.  

Select the “Digital” version if you would like to download the Activity Guide after purchase.

If you prefer to have the Activity Guide mailed to you via USPS, there is an additional shipping fee of $5.00, for a total cost of $17.00.  You are also able to pay by check if you prefer.  To order the hard copy version click the add to cart button under “Hard Copy” below.

Proceeds from the sale of the Activity Guide will help support NEHTN Grant and Scholarship programs.  Thank you for your support!