The Northeast Horticultural Therapy

is a professional organization whose mission is to serve our members and the public by promoting and advancing the use of horticulture as an effective therapy, through advocacy, education and financial support. 

NEHTN is comprised of members from the Northeast region, including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Horticultural Therapy Activity Guide

Activities included in the HT Activity Guide

Butterfly Window box
Cone Ornaments
Cork Hot Pads
Corn Stalk Broom
Cuttings in Vermiculite
Go Fish
Hand Cream
Hort Pen Pal
Impression Pots
Insect Hotel
Making a Home for Mason Bees

Miniature Rosebud Topiary
Oil Pastel Flowers
Paper Bag Arrangement
Pine Cone Turkey
Pipe Cleaner Christmas tree
Rustic Twig Vase
Scientist, Explorers, Botanists
Screens for Herbs
Spice Rope
Stacked Pots
Toddler Planter
Underwater World


Ordering Instructions

Thank you for your interest in purchasing the HT Activity Guide.  The Guide contains a wide array of activities (submitted by NEHTN members) which can be used in various HT settings.  Many of the activities can be adapted to fit your populations.

Proceeds from the sale of the Activity Guide will help support NEHTN Grant and Scholarship programs.  Thank you for your support!

There are three options for purchasing the Activity Guide:

  • Purchase a Digital version via credit card or check for $15.00. Below “2018 Activity Guide (Digital)”, click “Add to Cart”. Fill in the Billing Details and click “Place order”. You will have the option of five downloads in a five-month period. Digital versions are available in color.
  • Purchase a hardcopy via credit card or check. Below “2018 Activity Guide (Hardcopy)”, click “Add to Cart”. Fill in the Billing Details and click “Place order”. The Activity Guide will be mailed to you once the check has been received at our P.O. Box. Pricing for the hardcopy version is below:

    • Black & White Hard Copy mailed to your door: $25
    • Colored Copy mailed to your door: $45
    • Black & White Hard Copy picked up at a workshop: $20
    • Colored Copy picked up at a workshop: $35

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